Professional Real Estate Photography

I use a high end professional photographer for all my listings.  I also use a drone photographer to capture wonderful aerial shots. Photography is a very skilled art that most people think they know how to do it, but it truly takes a professional to get the exposure and lighting correct. Our photographer just does real estate photography and has been doing it EXCEPTIONALLY for 40 years!

We want your home to look like a million dollar home. We will spend time finding the best angles, moving and tweaking furniture, and treating the shoot as if it were going to be published in magazines. Working with lighting and retouching techniques, will bring your home to life in a way that captures its very best features.

I work one-on-one with my photographer and I prepare each individual room for photos. We will provide props to style each room. We have the experience to make any home feel natural and inviting. We take many different angles and narrow down 100’s of photos to our top 25.

My photographer combines traditional field techniques with modern digital capture and post processing techniques. We create photographs that not only document the space, but also tell a story and depict the space in an artistic manner. Each shot is styled and lit in a manner appropriate to the space, working to complement your design and show the texture, volume, and richness of each room.

We'll arrange objects in the space so that they photograph as best as they can, and add or remove light as necessary to ensure that the moods and feelings of the space translate into the photographs.

As many of our clients say “the photos make my house look even better!” This is the work of a true professional photographer and real estate agent working together creatively.
Christine Hidalgo
Christine Hidalgo
Real Estate Broker
Global Luxury Seattle WA 98125